Vivotif ® (Typhoid Vaccine Live Oral Ty21a)

VaxchoraTM (Cholera Vaccine, Live, Oral)

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We offer the following materials to help you educate your patients about their travel vaccines. Please select the materials you wish to order and enter the amount you wish to order via the “Quantity” dropdown.

Bring back memories, not typhoid fever (Office Poster)

An eye-catching poster listing the countries where typhoid fever vaccination is recommended by CDC. 12" x 22”


Bring back souvenirs, not typhoid fever (Patient Brochure)

An information piece explaining typhoid fever and answering frequently asked questions about Vivotif. 9” x 4”


Vivotif “How to Take” Guide (Cling-Z)

An informational decal (can stick to mirror or refrigerator) for patients regarding Vivotif, including storage, dosing, and administration information. 7’’ X 3.5’’


Refrigerate Sticker (Sticker)

A bright sticker that reinforces for the patient that Vivotif must be refrigerated. 


Cholera is still out there
(Patient Brochure)

An informative piece for patients detailing the disease state and answering frequently asked questions about Vaxchora. 9" x 4”


Prepare your office for Vaxchora (Scheduler Alert)

A piece for HCP offices that prompts office administrators to remind patients of Do’s and Don’ts prior to their office visit to receive Vaxchora.


Vaxchora “How to Reconstitute” Guide (Cling-Z)

An informative decal for HCPs outlining how to prepare, reconstitute, and administer Vaxchora. 7” x 3.5”


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